Hurricane Preparedness 

1) At Southern Star Stables, we distribute bands if needed. Please write your name & number on the side of your horse with grease pen. Write name, number, address, your picture with horse, etc. in zip bag it can be weaved in the main if a storm is approaching. 
2) Consider chip insertion to prove ownership.  Cost is $91.00 for insertion which covers register with the national data basis.  Dr. Herrero is available onsite for this service.
3) Each owner needs pictures of themselves with their horse with a reference to the current date, i.e. newspaper, etc.
4) Each owner needs to have their horse's Coggins Test and vaccinations records up-to-date and available in case of emergency.  You will have to show these records to be admitted to Walsingham Park if evacuation is necessary, Category 3.
5) Please be sure to do so and have the following on hand at the barn if a storm is approaching:
a) Five gallons of water per day (2 weeks worth) put in two gallon size containers, two weeks of feed and hay (hay in garbage bags). Two hanging buckets with clips in each stall will be required. 
b) Instructions on how to feed your horse taped to the inside cover of your feed can. Be sure to have at least two weeks of feed and hay on hand.
c) NO ONE at the barn during the storm. Before and after storm you are responsible for your horse/horse’s care.
d) Halters and lead rope to be fastened with clip on wire of stall. Leave your tack box unlocked and written instructions if your horse if taking medication and copy to Gail.
e) See hand out for additional items recommended in case of emergency and visit for more info.
f) We ask boarders to please be considerate any help in preparing for the storm would be appreciated.
g) All power and water will be off at the barn in case of emergency, please ask if you are not sure of main turn offs areas.
h) A call chain has been suggested, not everyone has text. You will be called and then asked to call a couple others so we can all be kept informed.


  1. Waterproof Container(s)
  2. Thermometer
  3. Cotton
  4. Bandages
  5. Ointments
  6. Radio w/extra batteries
  7. Flashlight w/extra batteries
  8. Scissors
  9. Vet Wraps
  10. Poultice
  11. Swat Ointment
  12. Towels & Soap
  13. Electrolytes
  14. Fly Spray
  15. Extra Halter & Shank
  16. Iodine
  17. Furicine
  18. Peroxide
  19. Gauze Pads
  20. Vaseline
  21. 2-Week Supply of Medications

Here are few quick tips on keeping your horse safe during a storm:

  1. Remove all items from the barn aisle and walls
  2. Have two weeks of feed on hand stored in waterproof containers
  3. Fill plastic garbage cans with water and secure the tops to place in the barn
  4. Create two signs on plywood; on one side paint, HAVE ANIMALS, NEED HELP and on the other paint, HAVE ANIMALS, AM OKAY FOR NOW

As we prepare for Florida hurricanes it’s always a good idea to get your emergency animal care kit (waterproof) in hand with all the items you normally use like:

  • Medications
  • Salves
  • Ointments
  • Vetwrap
  • Bandages
  • Tape, etc. 

Be sure and store the kit in a safe place that will be easily accessible after the storm. Fill garbage cans with water and secure the top when placing them in the barn. Consider an emergency barn kit containing a chainsaw, fuel, hammers, a saw, nails, screws and fencing materials. Have an ample supply of flashlights and batteries and at least one battery operated radio. DO NOT stay in the barn with your horse during the storm. Turn off all circuit breakers to the barn before leaving. Be sure and attach horse’s identification to all the horses.