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Memorial Day  ---  May 29, 2017

Also know as "Decoration Day"

 ​​"Decoration Day"
  Memorial Day  - - -  May 29, 2017

Memorial Day is coming up soon, we thought it would be nice to add a few lines on our web site to inform our readers of what Memorial Day is about because there are a lot of people who really have no idea.
Memorial Day is a special holiday that is to honor those who have died while serving in the military.
It was first observed on May 30, 1868.
​The first Memorial Day was celebrated after the Civil War

it was called “Decoration Day” because of all the flowers and flags
that were placed on Soldiers grave sites.

After World War 1 Decoration Day was expanded to include 
                      all U.S. soldiers who died serving our country during all Wars.
                      In 1971 Congress changed
Decoration Day to Memorial Day and made it a National Holiday.
                      At that time they also asked that each American pause for a few seconds 
                      of silence at 3:00pm on Memorial Day to honor those who have given 
                      their lives for all American’s freedom.

Things to do that honors our fallen military personal:
Fly a flag in front of your home.
  Place a flag on a grave site of a friend or relative that died while in service defending our freedom.

                    Stop wherever you are at 3:00pm and observe 30 seconds of silence and say "THANK-YOU" to all who gave their lives so that we may be free.

Have a BBQ with friends and remind them of what Memorial Day is about.

                      Wear Red, White and Blue to remind people who see you that the day is special

to those who fought and died for us.
Wear an American Flag on your clothing for the day.

                  But most of all, just remember all of those people from the CIVIL WAR to TODAY'S WARS and never forget that they gave their lives for all of us so we can live free.

will be celebrated the weekend of
MAY 27, 28, 29, 2017

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